Easy Steps You Could Use To Clean Your Wooden Floors

Unlike with a tiled floor, wooden floors need to be dealt with in a different way. Not maintaining such floors as they should be could lead to annoying noises and creaks or the quick deterioration of these boards. So here are some tips to help you clean your floorboards the right way.

The basic vacuuming

If you own pets, there is a higher chance where you might see pet hair in and around your home. And dealing with such hair is actually messy especially when you can’t gather them all. This is when you bring in the best cleaning tool, a vacuum cleaner. Run it over each and every corner in your boards and every surface around your home, at least once a week. By doing so, you can start off with the basic cleanup around your home. However, you need to make sure that when you are vacuuming, that you pick the right attachment to be fixed. Go for a floor-brush kind rather than anything else that could possibly damage your smooth surfaces. If you do not own a vacuum cleaner, then you can still use a mop to clean up your repair creaking floor.

Deep cleaning with liquids

There is always those spots and stains that don’t necessarily disappear with a dry mop clean up or a simple vacuum, and to get rid of these you need to bring in the big guns. And that is a good wooden floor specified liquid cleaner. Here when you are picking the liquid cleaner make sure that you pick the right kind and follow the exact instructions given by the manufacturer when using such products. If you cannot find these specific liquids, you can easily create your own with one parts vinegar and 10 parts of warm water combined together with a couple drops of liquid castile soap to be used directly on to your fix creaking floorboards.

Mop it all

Once you have got your mix made, pour a couple drops and mop away all those stains and spots. You could sponge them or even use a rag to clean each nook and corner thoroughly. However, when doing so, do make sure that you don’t pour too much than required because there is always a possibility of your floors being damaged due to over exposure to such products.

Use a DIY mix

Instead of using chemical based products as liquid cleaners to give your floors a deserved shine, you could use a mix of tea with boiling water. Leave a couple tea bags to soak in boiling water and use a soft rag to clean up and shine your floors at the same time using this mix. This way your boards aren’t exposed to any harmful chemicals at all!

Consider the above and give your wooden floors a luxurious pampering and care!