Ideas For Decorating Your House Around Kids

Ideas For Decorating Your House Around Kids

How many times did you have to scream out you lungs warning your 4 year old kids about the switches and the plugs left around the house? I’m guessing probably a million times. The day they start walking on two’s, the house is a havoc. You cannot leave them unsupervised even for a minute. The moment you look away, they would have injured themselves and broken other things around the house. You have pushed your furniture’s against the walls to hide the plugs and you have kept the vases far out of reach. But none of these will actually work until you realize that your little one can creep through small spaces and climb tables. So, here’s a quick guide for all the tired mummy’s and dads to decorate their house in a child friendly manner.

Space, space and space

Remember that you have two year olds around the house and there’s no point filling up your house with all the corners and gap covered with furniture’s. They will knock them down the moment they learn to ride their bike. Children need space and having a lot of space is simply sophisticated. Don’t have too much of decorations around the house. It will be too much in the eyes of guest and they wouldn’t know which vase to look at out of the 50 different vases that you’ve kept. This idea is easy and child friendly at the same time.

Long live the furniture’s

Always choose durable materials around the house. There’s no point choosing the fancy table runner if it gets spoilt the minute your kid decide to drop his juice box on it. Always remember to buy quality and durable items for the house. The top quality moroccan flat weave rug, the quality leather on the sofa can save you the embarrassment of having guests over when your furniture’s are falling apart. 

Say ‘no’ to white

As much you loved the white couches and the white walls, it’s time to say goodbye to the white. White is never child friendly. Keep white out of your mind until your kids finish college and come back home. Anything that is dark and not light will be able to hide the patches of last night’s spaghetti droppings when visitors come over. The moment you find the droppings in your white carpet, it’s time to switch to a dark color or one with a pattern. Keep an eye out for cowhide rugs for sale, these are much better option than choosing light colored complementary items around the house.

Turn mess into an art

Your child has messed up the wall color with his adorable but messy drawings. Don’t fret the next time you see it. There’s always band aids to fix these wounds. You can call a professional wall artist to infuse your kids drawing with a sophisticated art. This will make both mummy and the kids happy. These are few guidelines for parents who are struggling to keep up with cleaning and decorating the house around kids. Don’t forget to proof the switches and hide the plugs in a subtle manner. This will help you to keep the house prim proper and at the same time child friendly.